Steve Wilder

Executive Producer, DJ, and Improviser in Denver, Colorado

Hello! My name is Steve, and I do stuff with improvisation, performance, and Burning Man shenanigans.

IMPROV: I am the founder, co-owner, and CTO of Voodoo Comedy in Denver, Colorado, started in 2011. I am the founder and director of Hit and Run: Musical Improv, started in 2006. I work for The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner Show as CTO, Co-Executive Producer and performer, since 2007. I perform here and there in other shows as well. I've been performing and teaching for 26 years.

BURNING MAN: I am the webmaster and content herder for Apogaea, the Colorado regional Burning Man event. I am sound lead for XPAT ALIEN, a veteran Burning Man day camp. I volunteer my time and resources to many different burn projects in CO and elsewhere.

OTHER STUFF: I once auditioned for the Muppets. My Bacon Number is 2. I once had an entire box of fireworks go off under my chair.

  • Education
    • New College of Florida
    • University of South Florida
    • Kathleen Senior High School
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